Colca Zip Lining is the pioneer in adventure sports in the Colca Canyon. We started operating in 2010, and have added to and improved on our courses throughout the years.
The setting for our courses is the spectacular Colca Valley. A pine and eucalyptus forest provides the color, and sheer rock walls supply the height. The river below completes the ensemble for a unique ziplining experience.

We offer three courses, which cater to people of all ages and needs for adrenaline. We have something for everybody, from tandem rides for nervous first-timers to upside-down riding, 550 feet above the river, for the hard-to-satisfy. Our courses range in length between 2000 and 6500+ feet, and each line is an opportunity to learn and do new stunts.
Safety is paramount in our operation. Certified equipment, redundancy, and clear instructions are things we pay close attention to, and this shows in the reviews we receive.
We are a family enterprise, from the inception, through the design and installation, to the operation, and we take pride in a very personalized experience. We built this to give you an unforgettable experience. Don't miss it!